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Apple exploring augmented reality glasses for possible 2018 launch

So claims sources "close to the matter"
Apple exploring augmented reality glasses for possible 2018 launch
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Apple has started to explore augmented reality wearables and has ordered technology for internal testing.

Sources close to the matter at Apple claimed to Bloomberg that the wearables would connect with iPhones wirelessly. Information from the phone would be displayed in the glasses, which could also feature AR capabilities.

Reports claim that Apple has already started talking to suppliers about its project. It has also ordered near-eye displays for testing, although one source claims that it is not enough to start mass production.

Testing the waters

Apple may not progress with the technology if initial tests do not show promise. However, were it to progress with AR, one source claimed it would be 2018 at the earliest before Apple made official announcements of its technology.

It's not the only technology firm pushing into AR. Oculus, best known for its VR technology, recently started hiring for an AR Incubation Lead to start up a new division dedicated to augmented reality, while CastAR is already developing its own headset of the same name.