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Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 6 and eighth-generation iPads

September Special Event adds a handful of new products
Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 6 and eighth-generation iPads
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Apple has announced several new updates to its Apple Watch and iPad products as part of its latest Special Event on September 15th 2020.

The first product to be revealed was the App Watch Series 6, which comes in a variety of colours, new health sensors which will allow wearers to track their blood oxygen levels, and a sensor to track your elevation.

Apple Watch Series 6 will also introduce the Solo Loop wristband to make putting on and taking off your Apple Watch easier. It comes in a range of sizes and colours, and will also be available in a braided style.

A new Family Setup feature will also be released, allowing users to set up additional Apple Watches on one phone, offering tracking apps so parents can keep track of their children, for example.

Alongside the new Series 6, Apple is also launching the Apple Watch SE as an entry-level model, starting at $279. Series 6 will cost $399 at launch. Both watches will launch on Friday 18th September.

Apple One

Apple also revealed the new Apple One bundle subscription, offering its subscription services bundled into one monthly purchase. Bundles begin from $14.95 each month and include Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple Music, and more, with a 30-day free trial when it launches.


Moving onto the iPad, Apple revealed its iPad 8th-generation, powered by the A12 chip with a 40% faster CPU and 2x faster graphics. The new chip will bring Apple's Neural Engine to the iPad for the first time, and the new product will support Apple Pencil.

The 8th-generation iPad will cost $329, with orders opening today and units shipping out from Friday 18th September.

Apple also unveiled a refresh of its iPad Air, which comes in a range of colours and runs on the new A14 processor, which uses a 16-core Neural Engine alongside other performance upgrades.

The new iPad Air starts at $599 and will launch some time in October 2020.