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Can Instagram be a strong UA channel? Apsalar thinks so

Selfies and six packs
Can Instagram be a strong UA channel? Apsalar thinks so

Everyone's always looking for new sources of users and now Apsalar is opening up Instagram.

The Facebook-owned photo sharing service hasn't traditionally been a channel in which companies can run UA campaigns, but that seems to be changing.

Of course, having the option to do something and make a success of it are entirely different things.

And given its female-skewed user base, it's likely Instagram will be a better UA source for King than Machine Zone.

Tracking usage

In terms of Apsalar's input, it's announced that Facebook has extended its Mobile Measure Partnership, which means that it will provide the "same depth and granularity of data" from Instagram as it provides on Facebook.

"We're delighted to offer additional value to our clients via this broader integration with Facebook properties," said Michael Oiknine, Apsalar's CEO.

"The expansion of our Facebook relationship will enable us to deliver even greater value to the app industry and help it capitalize on opportunities on the Instagram network."