Here are the top 20 Chinese Android app stores

Tencent comes out on top with MyApp

Here are the top 20 Chinese Android app stores

Tencent’s mobile marketplace MyApp is the most widely used third-party Android app store in China, according to a new report.

Games market intelligence firm Newzoo said the storefront covers 23.56% of the market thanks to Tencent’s reach through its apps such as QQ, WeChat and Qzone.

In Tencent’s Q2 2016 financial report, it noted WeChat and Weixing had a combined 807 million monthly active users.

For context, China has over 900 million MAUs of smartphones and tablets.

Android versus iOS

The other top third-party Android app stores were 360 Mobile Assistant (17.8%), Baidu Mobile Assistant (16.71%), Xiaomi’s Miui App Store (14.97%), and the Huawei App Store (11.56%).

Image credit: Newzoo

Image credit: Newzoo

The most popular Android device brands are Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and OPPO. Apple comes out on top when it comes to being the most popular phone, regardless of operating system.

73.3% of active smartphone and tablet devices in China are Android. Apple has still managed to carve out the remaining 26.7% for itself, however.

You can read Newzoo’s full report on China’s App Store Ecosystem here.

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