Tencent rebrands Western release of mobile MOBA Strike of Kings to Arena of Valor

Strike of Kings fans not particularly happy

Tencent rebrands Western release of mobile MOBA Strike of Kings to Arena of Valor

Tencent appears to be rebranding the Western edition of its hugely popular mobile MOBA Honor of Kings from Strike of Kings to Arena of Valor.

The official YouTube channel for Strike of Kings has recently changed its name to Arena of Valor. The same channel has also posted a new trailer for the game under the title Arena of Valor. Existing videos still carry the Strike of Kings name.

The game itself has yet to update with a new name, and there is no indication in-game that a new title is coming. No other version of the game has been renamed either.

Wherefore art thou Arena of Valor?

Unfortunately, it seems fans do not approve of the new name. Some commenters on the new YouTube trailer have stated their preference for Strike of Kings, while one simply asks, "can you people actually decide on a name for this game?"

Tencent had previously turned to the game's Western fans to come up with a new name for the title, though Arena of Valor was not an option offered by the developer. The name is relatively close to another title for the game, Realm of Valor, which is used in some countries in Asia.

No matter what it ends up being called, there is no doubt that Honor of Kings/Strike of Kings/Realm of Valor/Arena of Valor is incredibly successful. SuperData Research estimates that the game generated $150 million worldwide in June 2017 alone.


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