Pokémon Home captures $5.5 million in revenue across first six months

Seven million installs since launching on February 12th, 2019

Pokémon Home captures $5.5 million in revenue across first six months

Pokémon Home has generated $5.5 million in revenue within its first six months of being live on mobile, according to Sensor Tower.

Players across iOS made up the majority of spending at $2.8 million, while Android users represented the remaining $2.7 million.

Within that same period, Pokémon Home amassed seven million installs. Google Play accounted for 4.5 million of that number, with the App Store picking up 2.5 million downloads.

Launched on February 12th 2020, the cloud service software allows Trainers to transfer their Pokémon between Pokémon GO and several of the newest entries into the mainline series, such as Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee and Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The US placed first for both downloads and revenue at 1.8 million and $2.2 million respectively. Following this, was Japan which ranked in second with 1.2 million installs and $1.7 million in player spending respectively. The third spot was then shared by the UK (1.7 million downloads) and Brazil ($218,000).

Strong start

During its first month, Pokémon Home accumulated $2.7 million in revenue globally, alongside 2.5 million downloads.

Google Play generated 1.4 million installs, while the App Store made up 1.1 million of the overall total. Similarly, Android users accounted for $1.4 million of all player spending during its first 30 days, with the App Store claiming $1.3 million.

Pokémon Home players across the US once again topped downloads at 736,000, followed by Japan at 497,000 and the UK at 127,000. Revenue was identically placed with the US accounted for $1.3 million of the overall figure.

Pokémon Home's average lifetime revenue per download currently stands at $0.77.

It's worth noting that alongside iOS and Android, Pokémon Home can also be downloaded on Nintendo Switch, though that data is not reflected here. 

Niantic's worldwide catch 'em all Pokémon GO recently celebrated its fourth anniversary with data and revenue for the AR game showing that it's still flying high all these years later.


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