Tencent has app capabilities reinstated following ban

App updates spotted on App Store

Tencent has app capabilities reinstated following ban

Tencent has been granted permission to once again launch new apps and provide updates to its existing games in China.

Following a ban by Chinese regulators in November, Chinese media outlet The Paper (via Reuters) has reported that new updates have started to return to the App Store.

The temporary ban prevented the tech conglomerate from launching new apps in Mainland China as part of an "administrative guidance", to ensure all apps abide by regional cybersecurity laws.

Tencent has since confirmed that nine apps have been reviewed and granted approval for new updates to be made, including WeCom and QQ Music.


The past year has seen Chinese mobile app and game developers come under increased scrutiny from regulators, with no new games being approved for release during August and September.

Tencent’s flagship title, Honor of Kings, was branded a "spiritual opium" by state media, which led the games outfit to implement additional restrictions in-game.

Last month, Tencent reported that its international games revenue had increased by 20 per cent for Q3, but that domestic sales had slowed due to increasing restrictions.

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