Netmarble unveils ESG report with sustainable management goals

Three key initiatives outlined

Netmarble unveils ESG report with sustainable management goals

South Korean mobile games firm Netmarble has released an Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) report that places a spotlight on the company’s intended direction.

This is the first outlining of achievements and goals in an ESG report by Netmarble and includes a strategy overview following the original implementation in 2020. The company has also highlighted its core goals for sustainable management.

The three key initiatives outlined in the ESG report are to make games more competitive, generate social value, and execute sustainable management activities. Netmarble’s ESG vision is: "We entertain, support, and grow together".

Securing new growth engines based on blockchain and other technologies will, according to the report, strengthen Netmarble’s competitiveness. Advanced, continuous social activities are also noted as a strategy for encouraging change in local communities.

"Entertain, support, and grow"

The South Korea-based developer is utilising certified eco-friendly resources for its new headquarters in Seoul, G-Tower, and established an ESG Management Council in December 2021 in order to further its commitment to sustainability.

Further plans are expected to be implemented with Netmarble stakeholders, and a follow-up ESG report is promised for later this year.

"Netmarble laid the foundation for sustainable management by establishing its own specialised ESG management strategy in order to adopt an ever-changing business environment," said Netmarble ESG Management Council president Kwon Young-sig.

"We will fulfil the utmost efforts on not only to grow with all stakeholders but also to satisfy its social responsibility to create sustainable value."

This report continues a prevalence of commitment to sustainability in the industry, from Kolibri Games partnering with Planetly to achieve carbon neutrality to Gameloft joining the Playing for the Planet Alliance Initiative.

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