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Bandai Namco unleashes Tekken on mobile

Title soft-launched in Canada for iOS and Android
Bandai Namco unleashes Tekken on mobile

Bandai Namco is developing an all new Tekken game for mobile devices.

The beat-em up acts much like the classic Tekken experience will 1v1 fights and various combos to unleash on opponents.

Tekken for mobile will feature a single-player story mode, online versus modes where users can fight an AI opponent based on the real user's play style, and local real-time PvP.

Live events

Bandai Namco has promised live event support on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for the title, offering up the chance for players to access rare characters and new content.

The publisher has had lots of success with live operations in its flagship mobile title Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.


Tekken for mobile has been soft-launched in Canada on iOS and Android. Bandai Namco has also opened pre-registrations in other regions for the title.

Not the first

This isn’t the first game in the series to be developed for mobile. Previous entries include Tekken Resolute, Tekken Bowl and Tekken Card Tournament.

Galaga: Tekken 20th Anniversary Edition was also launched on mobile in 2015.