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Big Indie Pitch at Unite 2014 a huge success

The Pocket Gamer team returns from Unity's annual developer show with some great new games
Big Indie Pitch at Unite 2014 a huge success

Unite 2014 marked the first time that Pocket Gamer has brought its indie game showcase spotlight, the Big Indie Pitch, to the platform's annual event.

And it turned out to be a huge success.

It's no surprise that a show like Unite is rich with indie talent, given the popularity of Unity among independent smartphone and tablet creatives.

But we were surprised nonetheless at the grand turnout of indie studios showcasing their wares at the BIP.

Thanks go out to sponsors Samsung and Immersion for making Seattle's first Big Indie Pitch come together, and a standing ovation to Game Collage for taking the top spot with endless runner Axl and Tuna.


The team picks up a great promotional package that'll see the game blazened across the internet via the Steel Media network.

Second place went to the darkly amusing Escape the Hellevator  by Fezziwig, while third place was won by Trireme with Tabletop Basketball.

Check out the gallery of Big Indie Pitch Unite 2014 attendees over on our Facebook page, and we'll look forward to seeing you all again at the next big Pocket Gamer event.