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Blockchain infrastructure service Stardust launches wallets-as-a-service

Seamlessly implementing cryptocurrency wallets has been an ongoing stumbling block for web3 developers
Blockchain infrastructure service Stardust launches wallets-as-a-service

Blockchain infrastructure service Stardust is set to launch a wallets-as-a-service program, enabling prospective web3 game developers to provide easy access to cryptocurrency features in their games.

The intent is for this new service to remove barriers faced by web3 game developers on all platforms. Usually, accessing features such as cryptocurrency tokens or NFTs necessitates a player having access to a crypto “wallet” that digitally stores these tokens. Naturally, for the vast majority of players they don’t possess these beforehand, so streamlining and creating a standardised onboarding process would be a major step towards making adoption more feasible.

The company originally raised more than $30m for their aims back in 2022, signifying clear optimism that the wintery conditions for web3 may still shift. Stardust CEO, Canaan Linder, commented, “Game developers need a way to onboard millions of players quickly & seamlessly. With Stardust’s Wallets-as-a-Service product, games built with blockchain can scale faster to their existing non-blockchain equivalents”.

The barriers to web3

One of the main issues for web3 game developers has been the adoption of unusual technology that user's may find problematic. This is true on mobile as it is on any other platform and so Stardust is working hard to - as they claim - introduce a system “where a player can join a blockchain game as easily as opening an app.”

Mobile giant Zynga, the developer behind Facebook smash-hit Farmville, is just one of many developers implementing web3 technology in games. Whether or not games such as Zynga’s Sugartown will prove a success may soon no longer be down to players being unwilling to open crypto-wallets, but will hinge on whether these games can provide a unique experience to players.