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Bluestacks launches Creator Studio and Creator Hub for modding mobile games

Gives users varying levels of modding abilities, from basic to advanced
Bluestacks launches Creator Studio and Creator Hub for modding mobile games

Mobile gaming platform Bluestacks has launched its Creator Studio and Creator Hub for the modding and sharing of modded mobile games.

The new services are powered by and its recently launched Fungible Games platform, Mobile games developed using Unity, Unreal, or Cocos game engines are able to be "easily modded and shared".

Bluestacks has stated that modding can be performed at three levels - basic, intermediate, and advanced - that escalate in complexity. For example, advanced modding lets users change 2D and 3D textures in the game, such as avatar clothes, and more.

The Creator Studio and Creator Hub will allow users to separate game code, game events, and game art, and allows users to share their creations through a link.

Mods for millions

"By 2025, the majority of mobile gamers will play modded games," said Bluestacks and founder and CEO Rosen Sharma.

"Imagine searching for a game and finding modded versions from your favourite gamers, streamers and fans. Making mobile game modding globally accessible opens up endless possibilities for gamers and creators, changing how we build, share, and experience mobile gaming forever."

Cocos technology director Huabin Lin added: "User generated content - like modded games - are an important form of self expression. In the same way we change our clothes to suit our moods, people will soon demand to play only games with mods to match their mood, desired experience, and preferences. BlueStacks mobile game modding is paving the way for mods to be the default way of mobile gaming in the future.”

Last month, Yahaha Studios revealed that it has raised $50 million to create its "no-code" user-generated content metaverse, aimed at users with all levels of skill.