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Compliant with app store policies, also handles NFTs launches cloud payments, giving mobile game devs a 95% rev share

Mobile cloud outfit - a sister company to BlueStacks- has launched a new payment system that mobile game developers can use to get 95 per cent of revenues.

As well as handling fiat currencies,'s cloud payment system will also enable users to pay using cryptocurrencies.

The integrated marketplace also makes it easy to support NFT purchasing and trading.

Significantly the payment network is compatible with existing app store policies so developers can use it as well as their existing in-store payment channels.

Ride the trends

“The two biggest trends impacting game developers are rising customer acquisition costs, triggered by IDFA, and the boom in NFT trading volume,” said's CEO Rosen Sharma.

“For example, NFT trading volume crosses $4 billion a month, which annualized, is about half of the global mobile market. That kind of traction is mind-blowing and just shows how much money is left on the table for developers, who deserve a new model.

"The mobile cloud greatly boosts developer margins and presents new NFT based monetization channels. We believe this will become a much larger monetization opportunity than the current in-app and app store models. This kind of developer margin and user freedom is transformative - this is the true future of gaming.” cloud payments are available now. For more information, check out the website.