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British Games Institute hopes to "turbo-charge" industry agenda with National Videogame Foundation merger

Will operate out of the NVF's headquarters in Nottingham
British Games Institute hopes to
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The UK's National Videogame Foundation has merged with the British Games Institute to help further the latter's agenda.

Under the merger, NVF CEO Iain Simmons will take on the role of culture director at the organisation. Games Investor Consulting’s Rick Gibson will act as CEO of the BGI, with Ian Livingstone becoming chairman of the organisation.

The British Games Institute will continue to operate the NVF's prior activities under its own Culture Programme, including the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham. The BGI will also set up its headquarters within the arcade.

The new organisation has been designed to raise funds from public and private sectors to aid the games industry in the UK. It will encourage the development of games in the country, as well as promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry.


"I'm thrilled to welcome Iain and his outstanding team into the BGI. Apart from running the finest playable museum in the country, Iain and his colleagues have an unparalleled track record in games culture," said BGI CEO Rick Gibson.

"We know they will turbo-charge the BGI towards ambitious new programmes in collaboration with the best games and arts initiatives countrywide."

The British Games Institute was revealed back in January 2017 and unveiled proposals for an £8 million ($11.2 million) programme in July 2017. It later launched a petition to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport to be set up as an official agency.