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Pre-registrations are open for Netmarble's BTS Universe Story

A pre-launch writers event will be held
Pre-registrations are open for Netmarble's BTS Universe Story

Pre-registrations have opened for Netmarble's upcoming game BTS Universe Story.

Players from around the world, minus Vietnam and China, are welcome to register their interest in the latest game based on seven-piece South Korean boy band BTS. However, a release date is yet to be announced.

The new game was first unveiled earlier this week and marks the second collaboration between the group and the mobile games firm, the first being BTS World from 2019.


Write a story

One of the main features in BTS Universe Story is to create your own story; players from around the world can embark on a journey of their own creation. However, for those that would instead follow a story that is already written, there will be pre-made interactive stories, where player decisions will affect the game.

Furthermore, for those that are keen to pen their own story, a pre-launch writer recruitment event will be held through August 24th. The selected writers will get early access to the games' editing tools