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Marvel Future Revolution opens pre-registrations and soft launch

First open-world action RPG on mobile
Marvel Future Revolution opens pre-registrations and soft launch
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Netmarble has soft-launched Marvel Future Revolution, a new open-world action RPG based on the popular Marvel comics.

The South Korean developer held a livestream on June 30th, where details of the upcoming mobile game were disclosed - including that pre-registration is now open for iOS and Android.

Marvel Future Revolution's narrative begins with a multi-dimensional crisis known as "Convergence" that sees a mysterious cosmic force break down the barriers between realities and causes multiple alternate Earths to collide with one another. The Vision sacrifices himself to stop this using phasing powers to combined the planets into one primary Earth.

As a result, and in tandem with technology from Project Pegasus, the Vision becomes the core of a "Convergence Engine" to hold everything in place. This measure is only temporary and it's up to the Avengers and friends to save reality and defend the planets from numerous villains.

"New future"

"I will tell you it's a stunning game - it is beautiful. It's super fun and easy to pick up," said Marvel New Media vice president and creative executive Ryan Penagos during the livestream.

"It explores a history of Marvel stories that we've never seen before and reveals an amazing new future for Marvel mobile games", he added, noting that the collaboration has been years in the making.

Marvel Future Revolution is now available in soft launch in Canada on Android devices.

Anyone interested in pre-registering for Marvel Future Revolution can do so here. You can watch the full stream below:


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