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Burstly launches in-app ad SDK for iPad

Firm promises to boost revenue from free apps
Burstly launches in-app ad SDK for iPad

In-app advertising specialist Burstly has launched its SDK for iPad - the firm claiming it is looking to fill the current gap in ad monetisation partners on the platform.

Previously called AppAds, the start-up currently offers developers a marketplace where they can either buy or sell advertising, with Burstly taking a 10 percent cut.

It's a set-up the company believes doesn't encroach on the ad networks already in place on iPhone, and now Burstly is looking to extend the platforms it works on with iPad firmly in its sights.

There's an ad for that

"There's a huge lack of ad monetisation partners that allow developers to make money off of their free apps while maintaining the look and feel they've worked so hard to create," the company says on its website, detailing the launch of its new iPad SDK.

"Instead of tying developers into using preset ad sizes, we give developers complete control over what ad sizes they want to run in their iPad apps. In addition to supporting custom ad sizes, we’re also giving developers the opportunity to display video interstitial ads in their iPad apps."

Burstly admits it's been unable to test its SDK on an actual iPad unit as of yet and, as such, is keeping its beta limited.

Those interesting in signing up, however, can get in contact with the company on its website.

[source: Burstly]