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Burstly secures $5.5 million in funding to launch offer mediation tool Burstly Rewards for iOS, Android

Opening up the monetisation options
Burstly secures $5.5 million in funding to launch offer mediation tool Burstly Rewards for iOS, Android

There's been a notable shift in gears when it comes to mobile ad networks of late. Once content to simply serve up the ads themselves, most are now opening up their frameworks to give developers and advertisers alike greater choice.

That appears to be the motivation behind Burstly's latest venture Burstly Rewards.

Launched after TechCrunch claims the firm secured $5.5 million in funding from GRP Partners, Rincon Venture Partners, and SoftBank Capital, Burstly Rewards is an ad mediation tool for iOS and Android apps, allowing developers to arbitrate between multiple providers and offers through one portal.

Fit to burst

In short, the idea is to lay all possible monetisation options open to the developer from within Burstly's SDK.

"It's important that developer's have the flexibility and control to switch priorities based on their daily business needs," the firm states on its blog.

"Burstly Rewards enables you to take control of the offer space from every aspect. You can now mediate multiple providers within one wall, mix in house and direct campaigns, match the UI to your app's look and feel for improved user experience, and support multiple offer types."

Offers can range from videos and downloads the latter only on Android to shares, all managed from one dashboard, dubbed the Rewards Page.

Winning with rewards

Conversely, the additional Rewards Wall will allow developers to switch providers - Smaato, Mobclix, Nexage, and MoPub already on board - and the number of offers in their app without having to alter the SDK, enabling studios to change approach at a moment's notice.

"The goal of this product is to offer a simple, yet high impact engagement that allows an advertiser to receive several brand opportunities or enable the game to extend its brand further," Burstly concludes.

"The Rewards Page also taps into the Burstly ad server for ultimate flexibility and control."

Currently in beta, developers can request to join from the firm's website.