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Report: TikTok's ByteDance is looking to make a major push with mobile games in 2020

Two games expected by Spring
Report: TikTok's ByteDance is looking to make a major push with mobile games in 2020
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Tech giant ByteDance is reportedly looking to make a major push in the mobile games space as it looks to launch several titles in 2020.

As reported by Bloomberg, sources close to the TikTok subsidiary confirmed that ByteDance has been purchasing several game studios in secrecy, as well as exclusive title distribution rights. Furthermore, the firm has supposedly been hiring numerous staff from competitors as it looks to build a team of over one thousand people.

Two games are expected to be released in spring this year, with its local Asian audience and overseas players both being targeted. ByteDance has previously developed a number of casual games for its social media platform.

"One billion users"

"Having fully established itself as a leader in short video with over one billion users across its apps, ByteDance is now building multiple game studios by acquiring experienced game developers and talent," said Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad.

"Its massive global user base and investment in gaming could make it a big disruptor in the gaming space this year."


Speculation that the company was looking to move into the smartphone space began to spread back in July last year, with ByteDance eventually confirming the news.

Recently ByteDance acquired Beijing-based AI developer LevelupAI for an undisclosed figure. The studio primarily uses AI to create content for games, particularly in tower-defence and match-three titles.