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Call of Duty: Mobile nears $500 million in revenue

The third top-grossing shooter in the US
Call of Duty: Mobile nears $500 million in revenue

Activision's Call of Duty: Mobile has generated around $480 million in revenue within its first year of release, according to Sensor Tower.

Given the shooter is already an established franchise with a healthy player base on PC and console, it was bound to be popular on mobile devices. This was proven to be true very early on, as Call of Duty: Mobile accumulated 100 million downloads, which after eight months, increased to 250 million installs.

However, the game is closing in on 270 million downloads, of which the majority come from the US at 50 million.

Making money

Overall, Activision's mobile shooter came in at No.3 for the top-grossing shooters in the US. Call of Duty generated $215 million, coming behind Epic Games' Fortnite and Tencent's PUBG Mobile, which generated $239 million and $274 million respectively.

The US was the title's most lucrative market in its first year, with Japan taking second place while Germany came in at No.3.

Call of Duty: Mobile's future is looking bright, thanks to Activision's partnership with Chinese tech giant Tencent, the game will soon be released in China. No doubt, it will prove popular, if its 46 million pre-registrations are anything to go by.