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Can young Sephiroth save Square Enix from crisis?

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is getting a new chapter and a PC port
Can young Sephiroth save Square Enix from crisis?
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While Square Enix is optimistic about a 24% YoY sale rise next year, it is an unfortunate reality that 2023 has not been the company’s strongest. From flagging older releases to new flounderers, even new Final Fantasy games haven’t turned things around for the Japanese legend, be they mobile games or the next numbered main series entry.

Perhaps a young Sephiroth, famed Final Fantasy VII antagonist known across the gaming landscape, can help turn things around.

The One-Winged Angel

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis launched on mobile early this month combining VII’s legacy and retro artstyle together with new content, characters and customisation capabilities. Shortly after release, Square Enix showed off its latest game at Tokyo Game Show 2023 in a clear move to get the title in more hands.

However, despite the mobile game’s clear attachment to the Final Fantasy name, it hasn’t yet turned things around for Square despite its five million downloads already, receiving mixed reviews and some criticism for its gacha mechanics.

Square Enix has a record for closing down mobile games - and launching a number of them exclusively in Japan - be it Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights, Echoes of Mana or SinoAlice Global. On top of that, in failing to launch a real heavyweight game in recent times, shares in the company have dropped by 30% and operating income by 78.5%.

Among Square’s plans to return to course are two Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis updates. One is an eventual port to PC via Steam as identified by Siliconera, and the other - coming much sooner - is the release of a young Sephiroth with new story content this Friday.

Young Sephiroth was announced during the game’s first official live broadcast and as of September 29 he will be made playable in-game, coming the same day as a new chapter. Players will also be receiving rewards to celebrate his highly anticipated arrival, which is sure give downloads of this title a much-needed boost.

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