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Candy Crush Saga breaks records with All Stars Tournament

The upcoming tournament will have the biggest prize pot in casual mobile gaming history
Candy Crush Saga breaks records with All Stars Tournament

The Candy Crush All Stars tournament returns on March 23rd, with the largest prize pot in casual gaming history.


Entrants in the competition will compete for one of 10 slots in the live finals in London, where they will compete for a share in the $250 thousand prize pot. Additionally, three winners will be rewarded with a champion ring designed by Atlanta-based jeweller Icebox, with a combined value of over £60,000 ($72,900).

“When Candy Crush Saga came to us and asked us to create their first ever All Stars championship rings, it was an opportunity we couldn’t turn down,” said Icebox founder and jewellery designer Zahir “Z” Zooma. “We’ve designed for platinum-selling artists, and next level athletes, and now we’re handcrafting a one-of-a-kind piece of ice for the best Crushers out there.”

Music to the ears

The game has released a trailer for the tournament starring American hip hop artist Saweetie, best known for her single ICY GRL.

“As the original ‘ICY GRL’, you know I love my ice! Icebox’s pieces are so special and amazing. It was a pleasure developing the idea for the short film created in partnership with director Scott Kelley and Candy Crush Saga. I even flexed my best athletic skills inspired by my favourite female spy movie, but I still couldn’t get those beautiful rings on my fingers! The Candy Crush championship rings need to be a part of my icy collection, so I’ll definitely be tapping into the All Stars tournament! I know das right!”

“The amount of dedication and passion our players put into the tournament is incredible, so it only seems right to reward them like the true champions they are,” said Candy Crush developer King’s chief marketing officer Fernanda Romano. “Candy Crush All Stars is one of the biggest tournaments on the planet, and we want to make sure the rewards for our winners reflect that. So this year, to mark King’s 20th anniversary, we’re giving away our biggest prize ever.

“Taking inspiration from the world’s largest sporting events, three finalists can win an epic candified championship ring that has Saweetie’s seal of approval alongside the biggest prize pot ever announced for a casual mobile game.”

The first round of the tournament kicks off later this week, with semi and quarter-finals following ahead of the live finals in London on May 25.

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