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CES 2012: Opera announces its HTML5-based Opera TV app store

Good for OEMs and developers
CES 2012: Opera announces its HTML5-based Opera TV app store

With CES expected to have a strong focus on smart TVs, browser company-come-app-store Opera has got in on the act, announcing its Opera TV Store.

It's an HTML5-based store that OEMs can support in their smart TVs, set top boxes or Blu-ray players, and developers add content to via Opera's standard approvals process.

Lean back and interact

The Opera TV Store is optimised for HD Ready screens and standard remote controls, while Opera offers its Dragonfly cross-platform tools for mobile, tablet and TV development. There's also a TV emulator for PC and Mac.

The store comes with a selection of TV-optimised web apps, including Facebook, Vimeo, and Pipemania.

"We had a simple idea that, in order to bring apps to the world of TV in a huge way, you need to provide users with a lean-back web experience and developers, content providers and manufacturers with the most convenient, cross-platform technology," said Lars Boilesen, Opera's CEO.

"With the Opera TV Store we've done it, and given the world of TV more possibilities and entertainment options at the same time."

You can find out more at Opera's website.


[source: Opera]