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Clash Royale generates highest monthly revenue for two years

The game has also seen a recent boost in downloads over the past few months
Clash Royale generates highest monthly revenue for two years

Supercell’s real-time strategy Clash Royale has generated its highest player spending for almost two years.

According to Sensor Tower, Clash Royale accumulated $42.5 million from player spending across the App Store and Google Play for June 2021. The last time the game’s revenue exceeded this figure was in July 2019, when it earned $46 million. The revenue for June 2021 represents a two-times increase year-over-year from June 2020.

The boost in player spending has coincided with the addition of new in-game 'magic items' in March 2021, allowing players to upgrade and obtain cards at a faster rate.

Still going strong

June was also an impressive month for downloads for the title, picking up 5.5 million downloads - the best since September 2020. The increase in installs can also be attributed to the surge in player spending.

Clash Royale is one of four games from Supercell that has surpassed over $1 billion in lifetime revenue. To date, the game has generated $3.3 billion in lifetime global consumer spending.

Clash Royale generates consumer spending via the sale of varying quantities of in-game currency, different arena packs and a season pass known as Pass Royale. The latest one, known as Cruise Royale, was its 26th season pass to date. 


Earlier this year, Supercell revealed three new Clash games are in development, Clash Mini, Clash Heroes and Clash Quest, which is currently in soft launch.

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