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Clash Royale launches a brand-new mode Goblin Queen’s Journey with three exclusive cards

New cards unlocked in the Goblin Queen’s Journey will be playable in other game modes too
Clash Royale launches a brand-new mode Goblin Queen’s Journey with three exclusive cards
  • Supercell's Clash Royale has launched a new game mode: the Goblin Queen’s Journey
  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards are available to unlock via the new mode

Supercell has launched a brand-new game mode in Clash Royale today, June 17th, in the form of Goblin Queen’s Journey.

The mode introduces the Matriarch of Mischief and titular Goblin Queen to the tactics title, plus four unique goblin-themed arenas available to players at Arena 12 or above.

Goblin it up

One of the Goblin Queen’s Journey’s major selling points is its introduction of Goblin Cards, with the three released so far each featuring distinct abilities. The first, the Goblin Machine, is a Legendary card that allows players to summon a mohawked goblin in a mechanised attack suit conveniently equipped with a rocket launcher.

The second, the Goblin Demolisher, is a Rare card and another young associate of the queen who carries and launches explosives.

The third and final new card thus far is the Goblin Curse, an Epic spell card that damages troops over time and turns them into goblins. It’s a powerful magic against which even Barbarians aren’t immune (though Chris Hemsworth might be).

Within the new mode, these cards can be played to fill the Goblin Queen’s ability bar which, when full, allows her to launch her babies at enemies. And once unlocked, these cards can also be used in other modes, in Trophy Road, and in Path of Legends.

"We’re throwing a community event worth 250,000 Gold! Win it all by launching goblin babies together,” Clash Quest announced in the new mode’s reveal trailer.

The brand-new mode only launched today, and already nine million Goblin Babies have been launched, awarding players with the Tier One reward: two Legendary Wildcards to players. The next reward, 50,000 Gold, will be unlocked if 27 million Goblin Babies can be thrown within the event period.

The highest tier, Tier Six, will grant 125,000 Gold to players if reached.

More goblin cards and evolutions have been promised for later this year, confirming Supercell’s intentions to keep this new mode as a long-running one. And the Goblin Queen’s Journey appears to have attracted the attention of new players too - with AppMagic estimating 94,000 new Clash Royale downloads on the day of the reveal trailer and another 94,000 the day after, up from 80,000 the day before.

Supercell hired new staff to work on Clash Royale last November, with responsibilities like project roadmapping.