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Company profile – Jagex Partners

Learn more about Jagex Partners, the community-driven games developer headquartered in Cambridge, UK
Company profile – Jagex Partners
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Company name:
Jagex Partners

Date founded:
Jagex was founded in 2001, and Jagex Partners was announced in 2018

Business type:
Limited Company, Developer, and Publisher

Cambridge, UK

Key staff:
Jeff Pabst, managing director of Jagex Partners and VP third party and partnerships
Stewart Stanbury, director of business development
Allan Adham, business development manager
Simon Bull, head of product marketing – 3rd party publishing
Robert Fox-Galassi, lead product manager

Number of employees:
Total across Jagex is 480

Contact details:

Social media links:

Key games and links:
Old School RuneScape
Space Punks
Melvor Idle
This Means Warp

Main areas of business:
Publisher and developer of deep, community-driven games

Elevator pitch:
Jagex Partners is the go-to publisher for developers who share our vision of creating deep, lasting and content-rich community-driven games. Our dedicated teams of industry veterans and emerging talent leverage the skills and experience learned over two decades of creating, nurturing, and sustaining the RuneScape franchise to bring your game to players around the world.

Projects and/or partners:
Space Punks – Flying Wild Hog
Melvor Idle – Games by Malcs
This Means Warp – Outlier Games

Highlights to date:
Jagex is the leader in lasting and content-rich community-driven games, a leading British video game developer and publisher best known for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, two of the world’s most community-centric and successful massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

We create deep, meaningful and ever-evolving immersive experiences – and we inherently understand how to connect, engage and excite people through play.

Jagex, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, has enjoyed five years of successive growth, almost doubling its staff in the last two years and generating revenues of around £100 million a year. RuneScape, now in its 21st year of operation, is a $1 billion franchise and reached its record paid membership number in 2021.

We can proudly say we have more than two decades of experience in successfully running a community-driven game which has generated over $1 billion revenue to date, with 300 million player accounts created, has recently registered its highest membership numbers ever in franchise history, and boasts five million monthly active users and eight-year average lifetime engagement.

This has provided a unique and detailed understanding of how players interact with a game over such a sustained period of time and has armed us with the knowledge to provide long-term game publishing and product management to our development partners.

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows:
The name Jagex comes from JAva Game EXperts.