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Company Profile: Unity Technologies

Find out more about Unity Technologies, the San-Francisco headquartered company powering the next generation of games, animation, film, transport, architecture, engineering, and more...
Company Profile: Unity Technologies
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Company name

Unity Technologies

Date founded

Founded in 2004, Unity has grown significantly. Today, the company boasts over 5,000 workers worldwide.

Business type

Real-time 3D development, game engine for PC, console and mobile, game operations, ad network

Location (HQ/offices)

San Francisco, US, and Copenhagen, Denmark

Unity Offices

Key staff

  • John Riccitiello - President and chief executive officer
  • Marc Whitten - Unity create solutions
  • Clive Downie - Consumer olutions
  • Ingrid Lestiyo - Unity perate solutions
  • Peter Moore - Sport and live entertainment

About Unity

Number of employees

Today, the company boasts over 5,000 workers worldwide.

Contact details


Social media links

Top MWU games

Main areas of business

Making real-time 3D projects for games, animation, film, automotive, transportation, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

Elevator pitch

We are the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content. We empower creators across industries and around the world.

We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. This is at the core of our business because we believe our technology can change the world. Our products give content creators the tools to not just entertain but to create innovative RT3D experiences and deliver better processes for almost every industry

Notable partners


Company achievements to date

  • Five billion downloads per month of apps built with Unity
  • 72 per cent of the top 1,000 mobile games were made with Unity
  • Over 50 per cent of games across mobile, PC, and console were made with Unity
  • 3.9 billion monthly active users who consumed content created or operated with Unity solutions
  • Over 20 different platforms run Unity creations
  • More than 190 countries and territories have Unity creators

Greatest achievement

  • Helping make a world with more creators in it

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