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Company Spotlight: Hyper Hippo Entertainment

The makers of AdVenture Capitalist, AdVenture Communist, AdVenture Ages and Dungeon Dwarves celebrate 10 years at the top
Company Spotlight: Hyper Hippo Entertainment

Hyper Hippo is an award-winning mobile game studio dedicated to making entertainment that has a positive impact on the world. Founded in 2012, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, Hyper Hippo became a trailblazer in the idle game genre scoring over 80 million installs of their biggest hits, AdVenture Capitalist, AdVenture Communist, and AdVenture Ages globally.

“Hyper Hippo’s main areas of business are in new games and live operations,” explains their CEO Sam Fisher. “We’re developing and publishing new games that innovate and shape the idle genre; maintaining and continually improving upon live operations for five world-class games on multiple platforms while localizing & culturalizing our existing games into new markets.

Hyper Hippo CEO, Sam Fisher.
Hyper Hippo CEO, Sam Fisher.

“Our mission is to entertain, connect, and inspire billions of fans around the world. We’ve set ourselves apart in the industry by cultivating a reputation as a player-first developer with every player inquiry is responded to within 24 hours and most within 12. Creating moments of joy for our players is more than just a mission statement for us; it’s our development model.”

In February 2022, the team announced the global launch of a next generation idle game Dungeon Dwarves, being the first idle game to be available on Netflix in 15 languages in over 190 countries around the world.

“Dungeon Dwarves is a fun, addictive idle game that everyone can play, but with room for mastery. Since launching on Netflix in February 2022, we’ve added an additional 18 languages and expanded access to the game for our fans around the world,” says Fisher.

Since its release in 2015, their biggest title AdVenture Capitalist has received multiple awards, including a Google Play Editor’s Choice Award, Most Played Game on Kongregate, Game of the Year on Miniclip, Top 5 Game on Steam, Popular F2P on Playstation, and Best Instant Game of the Year on Facebook.

“Our breakthrough game AdVenture Capitalist pioneered the genre of idle gaming,” explains Fisher. “At the time, most of the team expected it to be one of our fail-fast experiments – until we discovered we couldn’t put it down!”

Celebrating 10 years of success

In October 2022, Hyper Hippo celebrated a milestone 10 year anniversary. As part of the occasion they offered a series of unique player giveaways representing themes across their live titles, with grand prizes including a tropical vacation.

“While we recognize and are grateful for the successes we’ve had over the last decade, we truly believe that our best years are ahead of us and the best games are yet to be made,” says Fisher. “Our goal is not only to create great entertainment but to create strong worlds and stories that our players can engage in. We are excited to continue building meaningful connections with our players over the next 10 years.”

Building on their ten years of success, Hyper Hippo was named a Best Place to Work by GamesIndustry.Biz in 2021 and 2022. In 2021, they received the Health & Wellbeing Award and were also a finalist for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award in 2022.

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