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Ready to scale your game? Learn from top experts at Pocket Gamer Connects London

It’s time to take your game to the next level - get the top strategies to accelerate your growth
Ready to scale your game? Learn from top experts at Pocket Gamer Connects London

Pocket Gamer Connects London is next week, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you all the wonderful curated content featuring the most insightful conference tracks yet.

The leading games industry conference Pocket Gamer Connects is returning to London on January 23rd to 24th, and it’s shaped up to be our biggest event so far. We’re welcoming over 2,000 attendees from the games industry to The Brewery in the heart of London to network, discover, pitch and learn from over 200 of the industry’s top thought leaders from around the globe across 31 diverse topic tracks spanning a variety of topics.

As our biggest conference yet, this is one you truly won’t want to miss! Head over to our website today to secure your seat at our show!

Today, we’re delving into tracks dedicated to how you can Grow Your Game. Each and every single one of these tracks delivers unique, curated content to expand your perspective on scaling your game and learning top strategies from experts to accelerate your growth. You won’t want to miss these tracks if you are a developer looking to up your monetisation and audience retention game.

Learn more about the tracks below…

Grow Your Game

First up is the Monetiser track! We will be discussing making the most of new advertising formats, IAPs and other monetisation developments.

Thank you so much to Odeeo, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. Odeeo is building the future of audio advertising. Founded in 2020 by a pair of ad tech veterans, Odeeo is creating solutions for publishers to unlock the fastest-growing segment of marketing spend, while empowering advertisers to reach mobile audiences at scale.

Monetiser: January 24th

9:30 - Opening up the track is Nifty Games’ Jon Middleton on bringing real life practices to mobile monetisation.
9:50 - Up next is a special keynote session on the sound of incremental revenue and why audio ads are what’s next in ad monetisation. Delivering the keynote is Odeeo’s Amit Monheit and Global’s Ryan Rummery.
10:10 - Following the keynote is a panel looking at web2 or web 3.0 gaming, and which is going to survive. Featuring: PlayEmber’s Hugo Furneaux. BoomBit’s Goncalo Martins, First Light Games’ Anil Das-Gupta and A Podcast Company’s Jason Scott.
10:50 - Closing out the track is another panel which aims to help pick out the best business model for your audience. Featuring:’s Nick Murray, two & a half gamers’ Felix Braberg, AppLovin’s Cyril Cael, Scuti’s Don Reilley, Digital Turbine’s Shalom Michaeli and Odeeo’s Eado Avinoam.

Next is The Growth Track! We will have essential insight into user acquisition, retention techniques, and how to grow your game.

Thank you so much to Bango, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. Find your next paying user with Bango Audiences. Put your ads in front of users that have recently paid in apps like yours.

The Growth Track: January 23rd

9:00 - Up first we have adjoe’s Hajar Noreddine with a seminar on how to leverage rewarded advertising.
9:20 - Following the first session is’s Joseph Iris on demystifying machine learning for programmattic UA and retargeting.
9:40 - Bango’s Dale Lawrence delivers a keynote session on scaling your IAPs with purchase behaviour targeting data insights.
10:00 - Digital Turbine’s Duncan Blackett looks at growing gaming competition along with a volatile economic climate.
10:20 - Sandsoft’s David Fernandes analyses the growth and potential of the gaming industry in the MENA region.
10:40 - One of the first panels on this track aims to discuss the smart approach to paid and organic user acquisition campaigns. Featuring: Pixel Federation’s Michal Grno, Advertiser’s Hagop Hagopian, SHAREit Group’s Arunabh Madhur, Digital Turbine’s Ryan Cook, Mobile Groove’s Peggy Anne Salz and Bango’s Dale Lawrence.
11:20 - Meta’s Neasa Bannon explores how to maximise performance in a privacy-first advertising landscape.
11:40 - Up next is a fireside chat with AppsFlyer’s Adam Smart and Product Madness’ Piyush Mishra, in a live podcast format, where they discuss ads mediation with guests.
12:00 - Finally on the growth track, our panellists will discuss why where you set your studio up is still important. Featuring: LBC Studios’ Solon Bucholtz, Smoking Gun Interactive’s John Johnson, Red Nexus Games’ Dylan Gedig, Hololabs’ Mike Wozniewski, Trade & Invest British Columbia’s Rhoda Campbell and Hyper Hippo Entertainment’s Emma Bullen.

Next is the Audience Accelerator track! We will share tips and guides for growing your game using the best UA and marketing techniques.

Audience Accelerator: January 24th

11:30 - Kicking off the track is Chartboost’s Nikhil Mishra with a session on why trust and transparency are crucial to your ad monetisation strategy.
11:50 - Dataseat’s David Philippson looks at understanding SKAN 4.0 and its implications
12:10 - Rounding out the track is a panel on essential strategies to attract (and keep) an audience. Featuring: Dimoso’s Jacki Vause, Bossa Studios / Atypical Types’ Imre Jele, Imperia Online’s Alexandra Zheleva, Wehype’s Robin Astrom and Funday Factory’s Jeppe Konig.

Next is the Recurring Revenue track! We will be learning how to explore alternative methods to improve your revenue.

Thank you so much to Multiscription, our fabulous track sponsor for your support in bringing this track to life. Multiscription is a startup based in Copenhagen, Denmark founded by game developers whose mission is to open up the era of mobile game subscriptions to the world.

Recurring Revenue: January 23rd

14:00 - First up on the track is Multiscription’s Teis Anker Mikkelsen with a keynote aiming to unlock the untold benefits of in-game subscriptions.
14:20 - Adverty’s Chloe Cave delivers a session on how to create a new revenue stream in a seamless way.
14:40 - To finish off the track is a panel looking at the future of mobile game subscriptions. Featuring Teis Anker Mikkelsen, Lab Cave’s Jami Wardman, Ampere Analysis’ Louise Shorthouse and ustwo games’ Maria Sayans.

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