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Company Spotlight: Pingle Studio

Find out more about the global game development partner that brings projects to life for some of gaming's biggest brands
Company Spotlight: Pingle Studio
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Company Spotlight:

Pingle Studio

Date Founded:


Business Type:

Gamedev Co-development / Outsourcing


Lviv, Ukraine

Chief executive officer:

Dmytro Kovtun, Pingle Studio Co-Founder and CEO

With over 18 years of experience in launching new businesses and 15+ years in the gaming industry Kovtun is a results-oriented leader delivering top quality products by gathering a passionate team of gamedev experts. He grew the company from five up to 400 while working with key industry players like Wargaming, EA, Square Enix, Zynga, 505 Games and more, on more than 50 gaming projects.

Key Staff:

Konstantin Shepilov, Pingle Studio Co-Founder

An MBA degree holder from Kyiv Mohyla Business School, in his director role, he is focusing on building the company’s architecture and management approaches and oversees the implementation and improvement of project management processes.

Number of Employees:

Contact Details:

Website & Social Media links:

Main Areas Of Business:

  • Co-Development
Full cycle development

  • Porting

  • Art Production

  • Game Testing

Elevator pitch:

Developers and publishers of all sizes count on us for their ambitious projects because they seek more than a simple staffing solution. Our top priority is to provide them with the veteran leadership, battle-tested developers, and creative artists they need to complete any project as efficiently as possible.

Projects and Partners:

Wargaming, EA, Square Enix, Zynga, 505 Games, Team17 and more

Tech Partners:

Epic, Unity

Customer Case Study: Life is Strange

Task: To transfer all assets and code from UE3 to UE4.

1 - Create and apply a toolset to transfer maps, textures, game logic, interactive objects, materials, parameters, sounds, and localization.
2 - Manually rewrite mechanics and logic.
3 - Delete unused PC/Console code.
4 - Add code for mobile support.
5 - Add a 3rd-party sound library and apply it to mobile.
6 - Optimize all in-game content.

Customer Case Study: Insurgency: Sandstorm

Task: To provide game balance for both Insurgent and Security factions on every map in the game.

1 - Create multiple location variations of the important game points (planting places, spawns, sniping positions, etc)

2 - Playtest different variations of the game maps
3 - Implement changes based on focus group playtest feedback

Customer Case Study: Pathea Games

Task: Move the visual and all the related mechanics of the player’s interaction with trees and terrains to consoles.

1. Manually test every interaction with trees and terrains.
2. Fix the issues in a shipshape manner, in order to not affect the complex organizing of the game’s functionality.

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows about:

Even during these troubled times and tragic events in our country of Ukraine, we’ve managed to deliver on all our projects and nearly doubled in size. At the beginning of 2022, we had just over 200 employees, and now we've close to 400, with 86% of them being technical specialists.

We're extremely grateful to our Western partners for their support, new contracts, and the expansion of existing agreements. To enhance our communication with representatives from game studios, we have opened two representative offices overseas: one in London and the other in Ottawa.