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Pingle Game Studio opens Canadian office

The Ukrainian outsourcing expert has followed its recently opened London office with a new location in Ottowa
Pingle Game Studio opens Canadian office
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Ukrainian game development outsourcing company Pingle Game Studio has opened a representative office in Ottowa, Canada, following the studio's new London office which opened in June 2022. The Canadian and British teams will concentrate on business development and interaction with partners.

“We at Pingle have felt the need to open a sales office in North America," says Dmytro Kovtun, CEO at Pingle Game Studio. "The time difference, as well as transatlantic flights, used to slow down our interaction with partners from the US and Canada. Now, we will solve this issue, and it will help our company to grow and develop faster."

Opening a Canadian, as well as a British office, is not a business relocation. The creative and development teams stay in Ukraine - the company’s conscientious position. Pingle already has offices in Dnipro, Kyiv, and Kharkiv, and in March 2022, the company opened an additional office in Lviv.

Pingle Game Studio is a global game development partner. The company focuses on providing porting, full-cycle development, game design, and game testing services for AAA games. Since it was founded in 2007, Pingle Studio has partnered with Epic Games, Disney, Lucasfilm, Embracer Group, Team17, Zynga, Square Enix, Qualcomm, tinyBuild, Revolution Software, Egosoft, and many other industry leaders.

Dmytro Kovtun, CEO at Pingle Game Studio told

“Today, we have over 400 people at Pingle. We have offices in several big cities in Ukraine and representative offices in Los Angeles, London and Ottawa. We’ve completed more than 75 projects since starting the company.

"A large part of our team has worked with us for more than five years, with some being with us for seven, eight or nine years, or even since day one in 2007. All of our team grow their skills continuously. These people love interesting non-trivial tasks and projects of varying scales.

"Most of our people are experienced developers with three to five years in game development behind them. We work with Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as several projects built with custom engines. Our people can also move between projects within the company to try their hand at various new technologies.

"Years of experience with major game-making technologies and various generations of consoles make us a powerful contributor when it comes to developing and porting games. Our goal is to make every game we work with feel smooth and natural on every chosen platform and device.

"We prioritise gameplay, visual and technical performance, optimization, certification processes, and quality assurance.

"Our plans for the future are to keep our skills sharp and develop them. We learn and dig into the NFT branch of games and also remastering projects.”