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Distimo study shows Amazon Appstore downloads rose fourteen-fold over holiday season

Catching up with Android Marketplace

Distimo study shows Amazon Appstore downloads rose fourteen-fold over holiday season
In its latest report, Distimo has compared the US Amazon Appstore and the US Android Marketplace in the wake of a good holiday period of sales for the Kindle Fire.

Specifically, Distimo found that of the apps available on both storefronts, 110 apps made $200 per day in one of the stores in the previous seven days.

Of those 110, 42 managed to pick up more revenue in the Amazon Appstore than in Google's Android Marketplace.

Amazon gained a foothold in the app market, with 28 percent of the total revenue across both storefronts coming through the Amazon Appstore.

Appstore stats

Significantly, the number of downloads across the Amazon Appstore increase fourteen-fold over the month of December 2011.

In terms of paid versus free downloads, free apps represent the majority on the Android Marketplace, with Amazon Appstore hosting more paid downloads.

"During the last seven months, the proportion of paid applications has declined from 38 percent to 32 percent in this store," reads the Distimo report.

"Paid applications are in the majority in the Amazon Appstore, and during the past seven months the proportion of paid apps has been stable at around 65 percent."

The price isn't quite right

However, the average price for paid applications on Amazon's app store is 40 percent lower than on Android Market.

"One of the reasons could be that Amazon is responsible for setting the price in its store," suggests Distimo.

"Hence, some temporarily discounted top applications are cheaper in the Amazon Appstore than the same applications in the Google Android Market."

[source: Distimo]

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