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Dead by Daylight Mobile launches The Next Era of Horror with a horror icon

Ringu villain Sadako has made her debut in the game’s mobile port
Dead by Daylight Mobile launches The Next Era of Horror with a horror icon

NetEase and Behaviour Interactive have launched Dead by Daylight’s Next Era of Horror update.

Dead by Daylight, the asymmetrical horror game which pits a team of four survivors against a bloodthirsty killer in the service of a mysterious entity, has become a cross-platform hit with millions of players worldwide and crossovers with a number of established horror IPs such as Hellraiser, Stranger Things, and Silent Hill.

The new update implements a variety of quality of life improvements such as bugfixes and control improvements, as well as graphical updates. The update also introduces long-requested features such as an in-game chat client and seasonal leaderboards.

To celebrate the update, the game is holding a crossover event, Sadako Rising, introducing two characters from the Ringu series, Sadako and Yoichi, to the game. The characters were first released for the PC and console versions of Dead by Daylight in March 2022, and as part of this crossover players can unlock unique cosmetics and kill animations.

Players can also take part in the Cursed Tape event, inviting their friends to the game in exchange for unique cosmetics. Going forward, the game will include numerous mobile-exclusive events.

Mobile pulls ahead

The new update has also brings a mobile-exclusive Relic system to the game. This introduces unique items which can shake up the gameplay, forcing players to change their tactics. Engaging with these relics will reward players with relic shards, which players can use to upgrade their relics and unlock new cosmetics.

At present, Behaviour haven’t stated as to whether this system will be implemented into the game’s console or PC versions. It’s possible that mobile is being used as a testing ground, with the developers using the update to fine-tune these features prior to implementing them across platforms.

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