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NetEase’s Vikingard begins final crossover arc with MGM’s Vikings

"The Final War" adds Ivar the Boneless and Torvi from the TV show as new characters
NetEase’s Vikingard begins final crossover arc with MGM’s Vikings

NetEase’s Vikingard has today entered uncharted waters, introducing "The Final War" in another crossover event with the MGM TV show Vikings.

Following on from two successful Vikings crossovers already, perhaps the new event isn’t so much uncharted territory as semi-charted? Either way, success is all but guaranteed, with previous collaborations having brought fan-favourite characters like Ragnar, Lagertha and Floki to Vikingard in the first crossover back in September 2022. This came not long after the game’s launch and sent the title into the US’ top 200 highest-grossing mobile games at that time.

Coming from Kattegat

As crossovers go, Vikingard X Vikings seems one of the most natural fits possible, with both being built around interpretations of real history. This third collaboration event is said to be "the final part", as a time for uniting all Norse warriors to bring the conclusion of the ongoing storyline.

In the event, Kattegat – Ragnar’s home in the show – is in the midst of civil war, with players pitting steel against shield, strengthening gear in Jötunheimr, and unlocking new cosmetics. Joining the growing catalogue of crossover characters, new additions from the Vikings cast have come ashore too: Torvi and Ivar the Boneless. One of history’s most famous Vikings, Ivar’s addition to Vikingard follows in the footsteps of his older brothers Bjorn and Ubbe.

"The latest crossover event represents the collective visions of MGM and Vikingard, with brand-new content that builds on everything released in the game thus far," said NetEase.

In the first quarter of 2023, NetEase generated a total of $3.6 billion in revenue, and when combined with Tencent’s earnings, they accounted for over 80 percent of all revenue generated by China’s top 10 games companies for the period.

Back in March, distribution platform Flexion launched Vikingard on alternative app stores AppGallery, the Amazon Appstore and more.