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NetEase’s first ever Tokyo Game Show appearance will feature 10+ games

A new game announcement has been teased for the event
NetEase’s first ever Tokyo Game Show appearance will feature 10+ games
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As the big games companies continue to announce their planned attendance at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show - kicking off September 21 - one among them marks an important change, and a significant mobile milestone.

For the first time ever, Chinese gaming colossus NetEase is making an appearance.

A first time for everything

The developer of Knives Out, Identity V and many other popular titles, NetEase is set for a strong start at the event with a presentation on the first day, September 21. A completely new game will be shown in the presentation, alongside more than ten other NetEase titles that will feature over the three days of the show.

One such game, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, finally got its global release this June. At Tokyo Game Show, visitors will be able to "experience the game’s worldview" at game-specific photo spots.

Upcoming free-to-play Project Mugen (provisional title) is also going to feature, being one of NetEase's most ambitious titles in recent years and requiring two huge teams to develop. The multiplatform game is an open-world RPG that was only just announced at this year’s Gamescom event as "a love letter to urban fantasies".

Identity V has something for its 200 million mobile multiplayer fans, with an exhibition match planned for September 24. Square Enix and Konami have plans to show off their mobile games too.

"Participation in Tokyo Gaming Show 2023 is a testament to our dedication to innovation within the ever-evolving world of gaming. As one of the premier gaming events globally, TGS offers a platform where creativity, technology, and passion converge," said NetEase Games head of overseas publishing Matt Liu.

"We‘re excited to showcase our latest creations and to immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of gaming culture. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, NetEase Games will remain at the forefront, committed to pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment."

NetEase’s exhibit at the show will give attendees the chance to participate in giveaways and experience a hands-on preview with mobile game Lovebrush Chronicle, a romance adventure title built around the idea of parallel worlds. A Japanese release date is expected to be revealed at some point during the show, with the game’s voice actors appearing in an on-stage event.

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