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Eggy Party to expand onto console with crossplay Nintendo Switch release

NetEase’s hit party game is releasing on Nintendo Switch on July 19th
Eggy Party to expand onto console with crossplay Nintendo Switch release
  • Eggy Party is going cross-platform with a Nintendo Switch release on July 19th
  • It was revealed during the Japanese Nintendo Direct this week, but wasn't featured in the English presentation

NetEase’s Eggy Party is going cross-platform with an upcoming Nintendo Switch release, breaking out onto the hybrid console on July 19th, 2024.

The reveal was made during the Nintendo Direct on June 18th, but only in the Japanese broadcast, and since then the trailer has only appeared on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube account.

Such a popular game coming to Switch is a clear win for Nintendo - over 500 million people have already downloaded Eggy Party on mobile - so its absence from the English Direct indicates that behind the scenes, Nintendo is walking on eggshells to avoid breaking legal terms.

The popular party title does appear to be launching worldwide on Switch next month though, as NetEase’s global Eggy Party Twitter account posted about the announcement one day later, on June 19th.

"Breaking News! Eggy Party is set to release on Nintendo Switch on July 19th. Get ready for a whole new world of fun and endless possibilities!" the post reads.

This delayed announcement adds further fuel to the fire of this theory, as it appears the deal must have been finalised for Japan in time for the Direct, but legalities in other territories stopped Nintendo and NetEase from releasing a trailer in the West.

Party at Nintendo’s house!

The Nintendo Switch version of Eggy Party is promised to feature crossplay, meaning console gamers will be able to compete against the half-a-billion mobile players from day one. Its expansion beyond mobile is quickly following its global iOS and Android launch on February 23rd, but comes more than two years on from release within China.

Eggy Party’s launch on Switch, meanwhile, will mark its first expansion onto TV screens.

"We are thrilled to cooperate with Nintendo to bring Eggy Party to more players worldwide on Nintendo Switch. We really believe that console players will also enjoy the high-quality gameplay and vibrant community that Eggy Party offers. Welcome to the Eggyverse!" said NetEase Games head of overseas publishing Matt Liu.

Eggy Party currently features more than 100 million user-generated maps with over 60% of players actively creating content for the game on mobile.

This week's Nintendo Direct also confirmed Hello Kitty Island Adventure for Switch, meaning Apple Arcade will lose its exclusivity.