Exmox has acquired, aiming to take German platform worldwide

Acquired for an undisclosed amount

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February 8th, 2022 acquisition Empfohlen
Not disclosed
Exmox has acquired, aiming to take German platform worldwide

Hamburg-based Exmox has announced the immediate acquisition of consumer platform

Having nearly three million product testers, Empfohlen is Germany’s widest-range platform for paid online assignments, from online surveys to interactive media to game tests.

"The acquisition of is highly relevant for our growth strategy. We have gained more than 20 years of experience in the digital online market in one fell swoop!" Exmox CEO and Head of Expansion Caglar Eger commented.

"Due to his far-reaching expertise and long-standing international contacts, Caglar Eger has succeeded impressively expanding our business area in a targeted and future-oriented manner right at the beginning of his tenure as CEO," said Exmox COO and founder Alper Eger.

"The acquisition represents a major milestone in our expansion strategy. It allows us to offer our portfolio in an even more focused way to our dedicated partners."

Worldwide ambitions

Looking ahead, Exmox plans to further develop, including new functions, content, and models to grow the platform on a worldwide scale.

"Through the acquisition, the platform can continue to grow technically, build up sustainably and - due to Exmox’s international distribution – be made available in additional countries in the future," Empfohlen founder Manuel Tolle commented.

"In combination with the outstanding marketing experts at Exmox and the smart technology of, the goal of becoming one of the most influential online marketing agencies in Germany can be achieved."

Caglar Eger was appointed as Exmox CEO earlier this year.

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