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Delve into hypercasual and social games at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital

One of 15 featured tracks
Delve into hypercasual and social games at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital
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One week remains until Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital, which takes place between September 14th and 18th.

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital will continue our string of successful digital events. Yet again, we will provide excellent panels, interesting talks, and fringe events, and we have improved upon the meeting system since our last go around.

The number of tracks has increased for our Helsinki event. We have 15 insightful tracks for attendees to take in – subjects include growth, esports, live ops, global trends, Blockchain and big screen gaming.
Every day we will look at each of the 15 tracks in turn. Today is Hypercasual and Social Games.

Wednesday, September 16th

9:00 - The track will begin with a session from Quicksave Interactive CEO and co-founder Elina Arponen. She will discuss developing games for social super apps.

9:30 - Next, we will join TenJin platform director Matthaus Krzykowski for a superstar session titled how we're preparing our customers for iOS 14 attribution switch.

10:30 - Want to know more about publishing an IP hypercasual game? Then you won't want to miss Homa Games co-founder, and CRO Olivier Le Bas give his talk on the subject.

11:00 - Time to learn about the fundamentals of hypercasual. Join Kwalee publishing manager Allan Adham as he offers up insider publisher knowledge.

11:30 - Enjoy hearing a success story? Then buckle up for a talk with Firescore Interactive co-founder Karan Khairajani, he will discuss from prototype to a hypercasual gaming lab - the story of Firescore Interactive.

12:00 - We will close the track with a panel, centred on putting the hyper into social games - deconstructing hypercasual and social games. Six industry experts will offer their insight, the first being SOFTGAMES CEO and founder Alexander Krug, Quicksave Interactive CEO and co-founder Elina Arponen and Wixel Studios COO and co-founder Reine Abbas. They will be joined by TenJin customer service manager Ganbayar (Kana) Bayaraa, Umami Games CEO Riley Andersen and director of sales Ali Nhari.

Check out the full schedule to see the complete range of impressive speakers attending. You can also check out our other track rundowns and coverage of previous Pocket Gamer Connects conferences ahead of the event itself.

Like what you see? Well, there's still time to register for Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital here.