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Developers on Flexion's platform see a 10% boost in revenue

Google Play games can be brought to Huawei, Amazon, Samsung and more
Developers on Flexion's platform see a 10% boost in revenue

Flexion has reported that Android developers using its platform have seen revenue increase by an average of 10 per cent.

This figure comes after a review of Flexion’s Q3 performance, and applies to games that Flexion has brought across from Google Play to other platforms in the past 6 months.

Currently, the top five games in Flexion’s portfolio are generating around $600,000 per month on top of previous revenues. It also has five games in the top 40 grossing games in North America’s Google Play rankings.

"The magic of it is that developers are seeing this jump in revenue without much effort," said Flexion’s CEO Jens Lauritzson.

"Our software takes existing Android games and creates versions to suit additional – often hard to reach – platforms.

"A game created for Google Play, for example, can be brought to Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and One Store. Each one will represent a new revenue stream for a game developer but they will not have the burden of extra work in development or support."

Blitz boost

Mobile Studio One (MS-1), Wargaming's premier mobile development studio, has brought World of Tanks Blitz to the Huawei App Gallery with Flexion.

"World of Tanks Blitz is the perfect showcase for alternative distribution," Lauritzson continues. "It is a great partnership and one we are looking forward to growing further. Our model sees the game reaching millions of Huawei users that it might otherwise have missed.

"Yet the resources that Wargaming needed to commit were minimal, allowing the studio to concentrate on developing the game itself into a top-grossing title."

Earlier this year, World of Tanks Blitz also surpassed 1.5 million downloads on Nintendo Switch, with US players accounting for the largest portion of players.