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Devolver Digital announces “Devolver Tumble Time”

Devolver’s latest game looks to be an innovative new spin on the hypercasual genre featuring recognisable characters from their various franchises
Devolver Digital announces “Devolver Tumble Time”

Late yesterday Devolver Digital announced their latest mobile title, Devolver Tumble Time, in collaboration with developer Nopopo. Tumble Time is a free-to-play hypercasual game that takes inspiration from match-3 games and others in the genre. It features many of Devolver’s recognisable characters such as Lo Wang from the Shadow Warrior series, Jacket from Hotline Miami and Serious Sam from Serious Sam. The game is open for pre-registration now on Google Play, with no word yet on a potential iOS app store release.

Described as “the undeniable future of physics-based match 3 gameplay, elegant monetization and strategic brand integration,” although a departure from their previous efforts in publishing premium mobile games, Devolver Tumble Time capitalises on the lucrative hypercasual genre. 'CFO' of Devolver, Fork Parker, commented on the announcement and his appearance in game as an advisor “People seem to believe I’ve ceased to exist. Let’s see them try to ignore me when I’m force-pushing notifications up their ass.”

Innovation, innovation, innovation

Devolver have become known for their publicity stunts and satirical marketing. However, Devolver Tumble Time looks to be unique in that it appears as a full-fledged hypercasual mobile game. Devolver have made their reputation publishing acclaimed indie games on mainline consoles and PC, however in recent years they’ve also made an effort to break into the mobile gaming market with premium titles.

Whether or not Devolver Tumble Time turns out to be as fully-realised as most hypercasual games, it’s undeniable that the game’s trailer looks to not just be a stunt but a full game in itself. Last year we spoke to Marketing Manager for Devolver Digital, Robbie Patterson about his work with the company, and how he felt about working with a company well-known for its publicity stunts. Devolver Digital also came out to an almost $1bn valuation in its 2021 IPO.