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Diablo Immortal earned $49 million in first month

The game earns over $1 million a day
Diablo Immortal earned $49 million in first month

Activision Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal has earned over $1 million every day in its first month, with a final number of approximately $49 million.

To date, the game has been downloaded 10 million times. The game’s revenue peaked shortly after launch, earning $24 million in revenue just ten days after release.

As reported by, the figures from Appmagic are based on developer earnings, without accounting for the App Store and Google Store taxes, so the total revenue for the game is higher.

Regional troubles

Downloads of Diablo Immortal declined steeply a week after release, with 6.5 million downloads in the first seven days and the remaining 3.5 million spread out over the subsequent week.

The game hasn't been released in Belgium or The Netherlands, most likely due to the country’s strict rules regarding loot boxes. Activision Blizzard's official reasoning is "current operating conditions in those countries".

In China, meanwhile, the game has suffered a major blow, having been indefinitely delayed in June. This caused stock in NetEase to plummet to $139.20 on June 22, down from a six-month peak of $172.50 just twelve days prior. NetEase received a gaming license for Diablo Immortal from Chinese regulators this February.

However, the game's earnings suggest that despite negative reviews, consumers have been able to overlook the monetisation strategies and generate a steady revenue stream. Even so, Activision Blizzard has stressed that it won’t carry this strategy forward into the upcoming Diablo IV.