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Diablo Immortal generated $97 million in August

Honor of Kings topped the revenue charts for the month
Diablo Immortal generated $97 million in August
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Sensor Tower has revealed the top grossing mobile titles of August showing that Diablo Immortal is still experiencing strong growth, entering the charts for the first time in terms of overall revenue with over $97 million earned throughout the month, a 42 percent month-on-month rise.

This surge is attributed to the game’s release in China on July 25th following a delay. Most of the game's global player spending came from Chinese users with the figure at 61 percent, eclipsing the United States which was the second largest market for the game with 16 percent of spending coming from there.

Honor of Kings topped the charts with $222 million. Again, the game did extremely well in China, which accounted for 94 per cent of the total player spend. This was followed by Taiwan (2.3 percent) and Thailand (1.8 percent).

China also proved to be a key market for PUBG Mobile, which earned $156.3 million in August, of which Chinese gamers contributed 60.7 percent.

The US tops the charts

In total, the mobile gaming market generated $6.6 billion in revenue worldwide across the App Store and Play Store, which is a 12.4 percent year-on-year decrease.

Despite the fact that China contributed so heavily to the success of both the previously mentioned games, the US was the month’s top market for global revenue with $1.9 billion – approximately 28 percent of the total. Japan came in at number two with just shy of 20 percent, with China in third place at 17.4 percent. This discrepancy is due in part to the fact that Google Play isn’t available in China.

Diablo Immortal may not have been the top performer of the month, but the game’s continued popularity has seen it earn over $200 million since its release. Last month, we listed the game’s developer Activision Blizzard and publisher NetEase as two of the top 50 biggest mobile game developers of 2022 here at