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Did GTA just save Netflix Games? Year on year installs are up 180%

After struggling to find an audience it appears that Netflix' gaming offering is finally starting to deliver the numbers thanks to Grand Theft Auto…
Did GTA just save Netflix Games? Year on year installs are up 180%
  • After 25 months on the market hard work and heavy spending would appear to now be paying off
  • The latest data from Sensor Tower shows that Netflix games were downloaded 81.2 million times in 2023
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Ever since Netflix Games launched in November 2021 we've been watching the service engage multiple endeavours in order to spread the word and get its fee-paying customers using the 'secret' service they've already paid for.

And while the service remains a hidden bonus to most Netflix subscribers, it's certainly not through lack of trying. In the two years since launch they've wisely plundered their own rich catalogue of lucrative IP, bought studios to cover off new content, bagged big name exclusives, outlined plans to 'win the big prize of gaming', set their sights on moving beyond mobile and even offered $1 million salaries to lure the top talent on board.

Be under no illusion - Netflix are serious about games.

And, after 25 months admiring their tenacity, we're pleased to report that their hard work would appear to now be paying off. 

The latest data from Sensor Tower shows that Netflix games have been downloaded 81.2 million times worldwide across the App Store and Google Play throughout 2023. That number is up 180% from 2022's figures of 28.7 million 2022 installs, and 2021's 5.2 million installs.

Most notably the fourth quarter of 2023 accounted for a sizey 53% of that annual total, a figure that's up from 36% of Netflix’s 2022 fourth quarter installs

Delivering the big hits

Looking at the numbers, the new success for the platform - while the product of years of hard work and investment - pays a great debt (literally) to the inclusion of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is Netflix's most-downloaded game according to data from Appfigures.

Meanwhile GTA: Vice City is Netflix’s sixth-most downloaded 2023 game, with GTA III in at 11th place.

Combining the figures for the trilogy shows the series scoring over 6.4 million downloads in less than a week after arriving on the service, comprising of an impressive 17% of Netflix’s 2023 gaming downloads. In fact month on month downloads on the service doubled in November 2023 following GTA's addition and then tripled in December.

It's clear that the inclusion of GTA has proved an easy win and Netflix will doubtless be spending more looking for high-value IP to take on board through 2024. In house, rumours concerning their own AAA output continue with the end product set to appear across multiple platforms. Meanwhile cloud gaming and cross-platform intentions have already been aired and will be coming later this year.

All in all, after putting their money where their mouth is, Netflix are finally making bank and are all set to be taken seriously. Watch this space for their next moves and who'll be coming on board next.