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Gamer messaging app Discord hits 45 million users in two years

A lot of "notice me, Senpai"s sent every day
Gamer messaging app Discord hits 45 million users in two years

Gaming-focused chat app Discord has quadrupled its users from 11 million on its first birthday to 45 million two years after it first launched.

The company celebrated its two-year anniversary by releasing usage stats of its PC and mobile-based app. It now has 8.9 million DAUs, with a peak concurrent user count of four million. 200 million messages are sent daily, equating to around six billion every month.

As well as text messaging, Discord allows users to communicate via voice chat. It now processes around 16 petabytes of voice data a month, up from four petabytes in 2016.

Connecting people

"As Discord grows we are seeing a steady stream of new and growing communities dedicated to specific games and genres, and more people connecting with friends than ever before," said CEO and founder Jason Citron, as reported by Mashable.

"Because of the way Discord was developed - browser-based and therefore requiring no downloading - it is easier for people to jump right in and start playing/talking/connecting."

Discord had just three million users in January 2016. At the time, the company managed to raise $20 million in funding to help expand its operations.