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Disney Twisted-Wonderland gets English release in US and Canada

Aniplex of America publishes the previously Japan-exclusive title
Disney Twisted-Wonderland gets English release in US and Canada

Aniplex has launched an English version of its mobile adventure game Disney Twisted-Wonderland in the US and Canada on iOS and Android devices.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland was first released in Japan in March 2020 and is being distributed in North America via the firm’s US branch, Aniplex of America.

The game’s story sees players progress through the completion of original Disney-inspired adventures, Twistunes rhythmic challenges, and turn-based battles. The game offers a "unique" experience to fans as it blends anime, manga, and Disney all-in-one, with storytelling and art style led by Black Butler creator Yana Toboso.

In true Japanese mobile game fashion, Twisted-Wonderland also features voice acting from renowned anime voice actors and Live2D animated characters.


Japan-exclusive mobile release remains commonplace, with some of the most in-demend titles listed in our Top Five Japan-exclusive games we want to see released outside of the country.

Similarly, Japanese mobile games firm KLab recently announced that it has acquired the worldwide distribution rights for a mobile game based on the long-running JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise.