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Don't count on chat apps being the next big gaming platform, warns GameDuell

#GDCEurope KakaoTalk and co. not the answer
Don't count on chat apps being the next big gaming platform, warns GameDuell

He may have been giving a talk on the history of casual gaming, but GameDuell's Michael Kalkowski predictably found most attention being paid to what he thinks is coming in the future.

The big question, the company co-founder and creative director suggested, was what will be the next big platform.

Arcade machines led the way in the 1980s, home consoles and PCs dominated in the 1990s, the internet sprang to life in the 2000s and over the last few years, social networks and mobile have ruled the roost.

A cursory glance at current trends might suggest that chat apps WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Line and WeChat are the next big thing for casual gaming, especially when you consider that, between them, they boast 900 million users.

Kalkowski wasn't so sure, however.

Chat attack

"Of course, what we all want to know is, what's next? Not in terms of big genres, but in terms of big platforms," offered Kalkowski.

"New mobile messaging apps like Line. What'sApp, KakaoTalk, WeChat, Line have taken off. Will they be the next platform for casual games, though? Well, I don't think so."

Kalkowski was hesitant to state just what he thinks may pick up from mobile gaming perhaps wary of playing a guessing game few can hope to win but he was certain of one thing: the next big platform is coming, "and it will be coming soon."

"The new technologies used in every new platform creates opportunities for smaller, newer studios," he added, encouraging developers to get prepared.

"The big publishers take a long time to adapt to the new platforms, so that enables companies like Supercell to spring up. I'm also sure that the biggest, most successful casual game in history has not yet been invented.

"It may be made by someone in this room. So lets go and make it."