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DreamHack San Diego to host Snapdragon Pro Series Mobile Challenge tournament finals

The esports open will feature prominent battle-royale Fortnite as the headlining game
DreamHack San Diego to host Snapdragon Pro Series Mobile Challenge tournament finals

ESL FaceIt Group has announced that the Dreamhack Open Featuring Fortnite, their largest esports event, will be featuring the Snapdragon Pro Series Mobile Challenge tournament finals.

Featuring contests on mobile and PC the event will prominently feature battle-royale giant Fortnite as its main attraction, but with FaceIt Group’s Snapdragon Pro Series Mobile Challenge tournament finals also a major part of the event.

The Snapdragon Pro Series, in collaboration with chipset manufacturer Qualcomm, saw its second season back in 2022 alongside a number of other sponsorships, such as Samsung providing their Galaxy line of phones as the exclusive platform for play at the Pro Series.

ESL FaceIt Group's senior director of game ecosystems, Brian Krämer commented, “We had an incredible experience hosting the DreamHack Open Featuring Fortnite both online and in-person events in the past. Thus, we are very excited to announce another year of Fortnite events for our community, especially now that the focus is on Zero Build and teams have a chance to qualify for a massive Gamers8 event.”

Second fiddle to fortnite

Although it may not be pleasing to some that the Snapdragon Pro Series is not headlining the event, it remains a prominent part of the event without top billing. The Snapdragon Pro Series went from strength to strength in 2022. The return of the tournament to the Dreamhack series certainly indicates that it’s becoming a valued part of the overall ESL FaceIt Group series of events.

SVP of game ecosystems, Kevin Rosenblatt, offered his thoughts on mobile trends for 2023 being optimistic about the state of esports as a whole in 2023. “A strong 2022, complete with records in viewership, tournaments, teams, and prizing, should give stakeholders more incentive than ever to enter a low-risk, high-reward sector of esports. Growth in partnerships and the interconnected nature of esports and technology brands like Samsung, Qualcomm and others will also help the mobile esports industry not just stabilise but grow in a difficult economic climate.”

If Dreamhack is any indication, ambition isn’t in short supply for ESL FaceIt Group in their debut series of events for 2023. But whether or not the Snapdragon Pro Series and mobile as a whole will take top billing isn’t yet clear.