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Snapdragon Pro Series to host Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars eSports final

With a $100,000 prize-pool, the Snapdragon Pro Series will be hosting the Mobile Challenge finals for Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans
Snapdragon Pro Series to host Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars eSports final
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The Snapdragon Pro Series will be hosting the Mobile Challenge finals for Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars at DreamHack San Diego, with a $100,000 prize pool up for grabs.

The finals are for the Mobile Challenge Champions and Mobile Masters series respectively, with the Brawl Stars competitors in North America facing off to qualify for Mobile Masters itself.

Announced back in early October, the Snapdragon pro-series comes from computing firm Qualcomm. This new announcement is likely to increase interest in what sort of precedent the event will set for mobile eSports going forward.

Kevin Rosenblatt, SVP of Game Ecosystems at EFG (ESL Faceit Group) sets the scene and sets the bar high. “The Snapdragon Pro Series Mobile Challenge finals are some of the highest stakes competitions for these players, and we’re looking forward to showcasing top-tier mobile gameplay at the inaugural DreamHack San Diego. Taking place in Qualcomm’s backyard, we’ll spotlight the industry-leading Snapdragon technology and high-intensity experiences that are powering the proliferation of mobile esports along the path to pro.”

A Clash of Brawling Stars

Clash of Clans has of course already had a formidable tournament scene, encouraged by Supercell. While Brawl Stars has also found itself similarly played on a competitive level. Being able to see two of their games on a separate but equal footing in professional level play will likely be a point of pride for Supercell, and increase visibility of the two games to a wider eSports audience.

As the wider eSports world becomes increasingly publicised to a mainstream audience, mobile eSports as well is seeing a surge in interest. The massive prize-pools available, everything from the impressive $100,000 for this small part of the Snapdragon Pro-Series tournament, to the massive $14m for PUBG Mobile, the highest in mobile eSports so far.

Dreamhack itself seems to have benefited significantly from their merger with ESL, as noted by VP of Strategy & Growth, Shahin Zarrabi “At DreamHack, we're all about bringing the gaming community to life, and mobile gaming and esports continue to grow in importance in that. By bringing the Snapdragon Pro Series to DreamHack San Diego, we capture the game titles, industry trends, and innovations that drive esports and gaming forward. We also contribute to new opportunities within the rapidly-growing mobile esports landscape and support opportunities for all kinds of mobile gamers to compete.”

Snapdragon have shown their commitment to investing in mobile gaming with another recent partnership with Razer. Snapdragon’s tech forms the backbone of Razer’s new Edge gaming phone, which we reported on during its announcement and subsequent reveal of the device.