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EA Games breaks into two companies: EA Entertainment to look after mobile games

Mobile remains under Jeff Karp as part of the newly formed EA Entertainment as FIFA Mobile hits $1 billion in revenue, EA Sports becomes an entity in itself
EA Games breaks into two companies: EA Entertainment to look after mobile games

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has announced a major internal reorganisation of the company, realigning its major studios and leadership structure. As part of the restructure, Electronic Arts is separating its gaming arm into two distinct branches - EA Sports and EA Entertainment, with the latter indicating a possible expansion outside of gaming.

“Engaging these growing audiences represents incredible opportunities for our teams to entertain massive online communities, create blockbuster interactive storytelling, and amplify the power of community in and around our games with social and creator tools,” wrote Wilson. "Creativity and innovation have always been the foundation of everything we do. Now, we must further empower our creative teams so that we might realise our strategic vision.”

Scoring success

All mobile games will fall under the control of EA Entertainment, and the segment remains successful, despite a recent slowdown in growth and the high-profile shutdown of Apex Legends Mobile. Jeff Karp will remain in the role of senior vice president of mobile games.

In an increased commitment to mobile and cross-company clarity FIFA Mobile will remain as 'mobile' and be part of the new EA Entertainment umbrella. The game recently became the latest mobile game to pass $1 billion in revenue worldwide making it one of our $1bn Unicorns.

"We’re building the future of interactive entertainment on a foundation of legendary franchises and innovative new experiences, which represents massive opportunities for growth," wrote Wilson.

Splitting the company into separate branches allows each team to sharpen its focus, and it’s clear that mobile has a prime place in the company’s future ambitions as mobile titles now fall alongside their other big name franchises as part of EA Entertainment.

We listed Electronic Arts as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022.