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Epic Games demands Google Play opens up to alternative payment systems after antitrust win

Epic also wants away with scare screens and claims Google's history of "malicious compliance"
Epic Games demands Google Play opens up to alternative payment systems after antitrust win

Epic Games has submitted an injunction proposing significant changes to Google Play app store policies following its antitrust win over the company in December.

A US jury found that Google held an illegal monopoly over Android app distribution and in-app billing.

The court had requested Epic submit a proposed injunction of changes the tech giant should make, and it has now submitted those suggestions. It calls for Google to allow consumers to download apps from wherever they choose without interference or 'scare screens'.

It also said developers must be allowed to offer alternative payment options without Google imposing “anti-competitive fees” and that companies should be able to communicate directly with consumers, including linking to external web stores.

“Google would be blocked from using sham compliance programs like User Choice Billing to prevent competing payment options inside an app or on a developer’s website," read a statement.

"Malicious compliance"

Epic also proposed that Google cannot retaliate against it from challenging the tech giant’s app store practices, nor impede the launch of the Epic Games Store on Android.

“Google has a history of malicious compliance and has attempted to circumvent legislation and regulation meant to reign in their anti-competitive control over Android devices,” read a statement.

“Our proposed injunction seeks to block Google from repeating past bad-faith tactics and open up Android devices to competition and choice for all developers and consumers.”

According to Reuters, Google said the court filing “shows again that [Epic] simply wants the benefits of Google Play without having to pay for it."

It added: “"Android is an open mobile platform that faces fierce competition.”

Google has previously said it would appeal the jury verdict.